Friday June 14, 2024

E-100 StuG

Item number: 89005

Status: Available

Scale: 1/72

About the model:
* new EXCLUSIVE series from Panzerstahl
* true to scale model made from resin for highest detail
* including turned metal barrel
* fully assembled
* accurate painted and marked
* collectors card included
* including protective case for display
* package comes with open window display
* only 1000pcs. limited production!

The E-100 StuG was a conceptional design based on the super heavy tank E-100. Instead of a rotatable turret it was planned to use a fixed superstructure with an inclined front plate. the huge 17.4cm KwK was planned as main gun.
This design never went off any drawing board althogh it had a very innovative design including the already tested rangefinder.

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